Welcome to the meeting place for emergency managers, responders and technical specialists interested in investigating the creation of a Canadian Virtual Operations Support Team (CanVOST). CanVOST has the potential to be a  resource for Canadian emergency managers and responders to help them more effectively address the complexities of dealing with and using social media while responding to emergency incidents.

PTSC-Online supports collaboration among Canadian emergency management, business continuity and critical infrastructure professionals which aims to improve the effectiveness of our emergency management programs. Providing this space to assist emergency management professionals collaborate, develop and operate CanVOST is another way we can encourage and support improved capability to respond to emergencies in Canada.

This CanVOST space is a place where CanVOST volunteers and potential users can collectively develop the policies and procedures to make it work. If what you see in this space is not complete, correct or adequate please join in the discussion to help fine tune the policies, procedures, resources etc. to help make CanVOST what you think it should be. 

Interested? How can I stay informed and participate in the discussion on the formation of CanVOST?

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